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about Eagles

The Eagles are rock band from America who, since their debut in 1972 have released seven studio album, two live albums and 29 singles, six of which ended up being number 1s.

Their debut album was imaginatively called 'Eagles' and was released on 1st June 1972. It reached number 22 on the Billboard Pop Album chart.

It also produced three top 40 singles.

Their debut single was 'Take it Easy' and was released on 1st May 1972. It reached number 12 on the US Billboard 100 and also number 8 in Canada.

Their second track off their debut album was released three months later and was called "Witchy Woman". The single, released on August 1st had the b-side as the song 'Early Bird'.

The single again charted at number 8 in Canada but did remarkably better in the US than their previous single and charted at number 9.

Their third single from the album was a bit of a flop compared to their previous singles. "Peaceful Easy Feeling" was released on 1st December 1972. It was their lowest charting single to date and charted at 22 in the US and 35 in Canada.

Their second album Desperado was recorded at Island Studios in London and was released on the 17th April 1973.

The title track of the album is one of The Eagles most popular songs, despite never actually being released as a single. It also managed to chart at #494 on Rolling Stones Magazine's list of 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.

The album sold 2 million copies and reached number 41 on the US Billboard Chart, 35 in Canada, 39 in the UK and 40 in New Zealand.

The album also produced two of The Eagles  lowest charting singles. "Tequila Sunrise" reached number 64 on the Billboard hot 100, while it only charted at number 68 in Canada.

Their second single from the album was "Outlaw Man" this charted at number 59 in the USA.

Following the disappointment of Desperado The Eagles released their third album "On The Border". It was during this album that the band tried to change their sound from a country style to a more rockier edge.

This was the first album to chart in the UK, while the other albums have chart positions it was from later release. The song charted at number 28 and number 17 on the Pop Albums chart.

The Eagles' first single from the album was "Already Gone" which charted at number 32 in the US and after a disappointing time, this brought the band back to popularity in Canada with it charting at number 12, their highest position in two years.

Their second single from the album "James Dean" only charted at number 77 in the US and 56 in Canada.

Following this, came one of their biggest songs to date. "Best Of My Love" became The Eagles' first number 1 single taking the top spot in both America and Canada.

"One of These Nights" is the fourth album released by The Eagled. It was released on June 10th 1975. The album was so popular it was nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys.

The album topped the charts in the US and sold over four million copies.

The title single of the album topped the US charts, charted at number 13 in Canada and became the first single to chart in the UK, at number 23.

Talking about the single, the band said: "We had Don Henley's voice, which allowed us to go in a more soulful direction, which made me exceedingly happy. There's no doubt in my mind that One Of These Nights was the most fluid and "painless" album we ever made. A lot of things came together on One Of These Nights – our love of the studio, the dramatic improvement in Don's and my songwriting. We made a quantum leap with "One Of These Nights." It was a breakthrough song. It is my favorite Eagles record. If I ever had to pick one, it wouldn't be "Hotel California"; it wouldn't be "Take It Easy." For me, it would be "One Of These Nights."

Their second single from the album was "Lyin' Eyes". The single was released on September 7th 1975 and reached number 2 in the US and like the previous single, charted at number 23 in the UK.

The song received two nominations at the Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Best Pop Performance By a Duo or Group with Vocal although it didn't win Record of the year it did take home the award for their second nomination.

The final single released from One Of These Nights was Take it to the Limit.

It gained the peak position of number 4 in the US, 16 in Canada and 12 in the UK, it was written by band members  Randy Meisner, Don Henley and Glenn Frey with Meisner singing the lead vocals on the track.

In 1976 they released one of their most popular albums 'Hotel California'. The album topped the charts worldwide selling 16 million copies in the US alone and over 32 million copies worldwide.

It went 10 times platinum in Canada, 6 times platinum in the UK and 16 times platinum in the USA.

The first single from the album was "New Kid In Town" which topped the US charts and became their first single to be certified Gold. It also won them a Grammy for Best Arrangement For Voices.

The second single from the album, was the title track and possibly their most well known song 'Hotel California'.

It again topped the US and Canadian charts and got their highest position in the UK charts of number 8 too.

It went Gold in Italy, Gold in America based on physical sales and platinum based on digital downloads.

The last album they released before having a break was The Long Run. it again topped the charts worldwide. It went gold in the UK and 7 times platinum in the USA.

After a break of nearly 30 years, The Eagles returned in 2007 with their latest album 'Long Road Out Of Eden'. The album was their first one to top the charts in the UK, it also went 3 times platinum in Australia, two times platinum in the UK and seven times platinum in the USA.

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