100 Awesome Facts About Hot Aussie Band 5 Seconds Of Summer

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100 Awesome Facts About Hot Aussie Band 5 Seconds Of Summer
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Hello 5 Seconds Of Summer fans!


5 seconds of summer are a hot Australian pop rock band and we LOVE them!

Let’s kick start things with some facts about band members Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin.

Luke Hemmings


  • Luke’s full name is Luke Robert Hemmings.
  • He was born on 16th July, 1996 and his starsign is Cancer.
  • One of his most favourite TV shows is ‘How I Met Your Mother’.
  • He described his perfect date as going to the beach, and then to Cold Rock. Sounds pretty good to us!
  • The boys think that Luke is the most responsible member of the band, as he takes thing more seriously than the others.
  • He says that he would date a fan two years younger than him.
  • His favourite flavour of ice cream is cookies and cream, he’s our kind of guy!
  • He once said that he would love to book out a whole Nando’s restaurant for him and the boys, and the rest of the 5SOS family! We’re there!
  • He loves the movies 17 Again and Monsters Inc, but he’s never ever seen Titanic! Scandalous.
  • His love of ice cream helped him win the 5SOS Pizza Hut ice cream eating competition, where he had about 17 bowls of the stuff.
  • He plays soccer, is amazing at snow boarding and used to be able to ride a skateboard, so he’s pretty sporty!
  • He thinks that Pizza is the best food ever, and his favourite topping is pepperoni. He also said he would choose pizza over donuts any day.
  • Apparently Luke farts the most out of the rest of the boys. Lovely.
  • Compared to the other boys, Luke gets the most nervous right before going on stage.
  • He started school early and attended Norwest Christian College.
  • He once named his biggest celeb crush as Mila Kunis, and we can’t blame him.
  • His fave song on 5SOS’s first EP is “Beside You”.
  • His mum says he’s the master of losing things, and he once lost his iPhone in Melbourne after 5SOS’s tour.
  • Luke admits that he’s not much of a Facebooker, and he’s much more into Twitter like the rest of us.
  • His favourite animal is a penguin. Cute.

Michael Clifford


  • Michael’s full name is Michael Gordon Clifford. He hates his middle name.
  • He was born on 20th November, 1995 and his starsign is Scorpio.
  • He once admitted that his favourite word was ‘cheeseburger’. Very random.
  • Michael is English Scottish, Irish, German and Australian. So, bit of everything really.
  • He is apparently the most obsessive with girls out of the band, and his fave chat up line is “nice shoes, let’s f**k”.
  • His signature dance move is the sprinkler/lasso. Awesome!
  • Michael once said that the verified tick makes him feel like a “majestical unicorn with a big horn”.
  • He had never been to a concert before he played at their own.
  • If he could learn to play another instrument along with the guitar, he would play the flute.
  • He said that his favourite thing about being in the band is meeting the 5SOS fans.
  • He once said that he would turn gay for his guitar…
  • Ever wondered what Michael Clifford would rather do than shave his hair off? Eat a jar of vegemite.
  • His natural hair colour is blonde, and he likes any girl no matter what their hair colour.
  • Shoot, Kiss, Eat: He would shoot Calum, eat Luke and kiss Ashton.
  • He admitted that he’s the “biggest gamer ever”.
  • He once serenaded a girl by singing “One Less Lonely Girl” to her. How romantic?
  • His favourite movie is Forest Gump, but he loves Disney’s Camp Rock too.
  • He said if he was a girl, he wouldn’t date himself he would just have a one night stand.
  • His favourite chocolate is a Cadbury twirl.
  • He loves McDonald’s, and says if he was to date a girl she would have to work there.

Calum Hood


  • Calum’s full name is Calum Thomas Hood.
  • He was born on 25th January, 1996 and his starsign is Aquarius.
  • His biggest celebrity crush ever is of course Katy Perry.
  • He is Kiwi and Scottish, not Asian like most people think.
  • His favourite food is pizza, and his favourite topping is ham and pineapple.
  • He is the most feminine of the band because he has no hair on his legs.
  • He prefers brown hair on a girl. Soz to all the blondies out there.
  • He represented Australia in soccer, and went to Brazil to play. However, he then gave the soccer up to pursue his music career.
  • Ashton thinks that Calum has the best “ass” in the band, and apparently has the best body too. We’ll be the ones to judge that!
  • He had his first kiss aged 13.
  • He prefers pancakes over waffles. Who doesn’t?
  • His favourite fruit is apples, and he used to take a bite and leave them around the house when he was younger.
  • His favourite singer is Guy Sebastian, but it was Chris Brown when he was younger.
  • His favourite childhood movie is Monsters Inc.
  • The only type of cheese he likes is cheddar.
  • His favourite colour is baby blue.
  • If he was a girl, he said he would date Michael out of the band.
  • He hates to cross at zebra crossings for some strange reason.
  • He said his favourite McFly song is “One For The Radio” and his favourite Busted song is “Britney”.
  • If he was a girl and had to date any guy, it would be Channing Tatum. OF COURSE!

Ashton Irwin


  • Ashton’s full name is Ashton Fletcher Irwin.
  • He was born on 7th July, 1996 and his starsign is Cancer.
  • His biggest celebrity crushes are Hayley Williams and Jade Thirlwall.
  • His all time favourite movie is Pursuit of Happiness.
  • He is both Aussie and American.
  • His fave TV show is Family Guy. Good choice, Ashton!
  • He is 6ft tall, and apparently all of the boys are of a similar height.
  • Before he joined 5SOS, he apparently hated them! From watching their YouTube videos, he said he hated the way they messed around and forgot their words. Let’s hope he doesn’t still hate them…
  • He says he likes girls who are “unique and beautiful in their own way”.
  • According to the other boys, Ashton is the best listener out of the band.
  • He joined the band in December 2011.
  • His favourite subject is visual arts.
  • He likes to listen to heavy music.
  • He says that his two biggest fears are needles and breaking his wrist.
  • He has a nickname that only members of his family call him. We wonder what it is?
  • He had his first kiss when he was aged 16.
  • He once said “You know it’s true love when you know your mate’s Maccas order.”
  • He said that John Mayer is his celebrity crush and he would turn gay for him.
  • If he was to be a girl for a day, he would go shopping, because apparently as a guy he can’s “shop with a passion”.
  • As well as the drums, he can play the saxophone, piano and guitar. Where will his talents end?

5 Seconds Of Summer


  • According to Michael, the band would be called ‘Bromance’ or ‘The Powerpuff Blokes’ if they weren’t ‘5 Seconds Of Summer’.
  • They thought of the band name while they were in math class.
  • They did once think about auditioning for the X Factor, but didn’t in fear of being known as ‘that band from X Factor’.
  • Their biggest musical inspirations are Blink 182, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Mayday Parade and funnily enough… Ed Sheeran.
  • They were all sick whilst recording the Unplugged EP, but still went ahead and did it.
  • If they like someone, their way to get the persons attention is to throw a ball at them. Smooth.
  • They admitted that they would rather drink 100 cups of Coke, than eat 100 cheeseburgers.
  • They used to brush their teeth together before every show. One of the strangest pre-show rituals we’ve ever heard of.
  • They all think that Batman is hotter than Spiderman. We have to agree.
  • The boys all fell in love with the English accent when they visited Blackpool.
  • Michael, Calum and Luke apparently used to play to a crowd full of drunk people in their lobby in London, without any pants on!
  • Although the band and Ashton used to hate each other before Ashton joined, they said they’re like brothers now.
  • Their song “Out Of My Limit” was originally called “Over The Limit” but they had to change it due to it sounding like it was about alcohol.
  • They once had to stop and busk on the street due to not having enough money for petrol to get home!
  • Their favourite place in the world is Australia, obvs.
  • The boys admitted that they very rarely wear matching socks.
  • They once got shouted at in a shop for being dressed up in their costumes.
  • They admitted that it’s difficult to be able to balance school with their career in the band at the same time.
  • They apparently love it when someone has a Twitter name that’s something to do with 5SOS.
  • The original band first formed on 3rd April, 2011.

So, did you get all of that?

That’s 100 facts about the lovely 5 Seconds Of Summer boys that you may or may not have known!

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  • Ashton is actually 1994 not 1996

    • Gabby P

      Yep! He most certainly isn’t turning 18 this year! He’ll be 20!

    • 메즈드

      i was a bit disappointed that they were all younger than me now my fav member is my age ^^

      • Dr. Fooshi


      • lulu

        Wow awesome

    • Katrina Rachel Lu

      how did you know?

    • ashtonlover123

      i no they need to check

    • Dr.Fluke

      I was just about to mention that…but…YEA…WRONG YEAR!!!!!!!!!

    • 5SOS

      Ya I’m 20 not turning 18….-A

  • Emma Hemmings

    Do they smoke and the reason why I ask is because I know Zayn does and its just disgusting!!!

    • kris

      no they dont smoke

      • Emma Hemmings

        Thank you how do you know this

        • Kaitlin Cole

          what does Zayn have to do with 5sos?

          • Emma Hemmings

            Nothing duh I just know he smokes

        • luke hemmings forever <3

          Smoke hard and you’ll die later on

          • lulu


        • kris

          I read the official book

        • lulu

          I’m luke hemmings future wife (lulu hemmings) 😉
          One of the pictures are when I saw him in concert xD

      • SH

        but now we know that Calum is smoke :'(

    • Jess L

      Who cares if zayn smokes? It’s his decisions leave him alone? Normal people smoke and you wouldn’t shout at them? Just because zayn is a celebrity doesn’t mean people can dig at him? If he wasn’t a celebrity and smoked, no one would have a problem.

      • kareen suleiman

        True, he has his own personality so leave him alone we all knew that zayn smoked before! So please shut up.

      • iluv5sos

        true nobody yells at some random person and say “smoking is gross.” so why say it to a celeb

    • stephanie

      yes just leave zayn alone even if he does i would care buhh i will support him no matter whut and how i’ll do that is keep being his fan !

    • Patrick Henry Bronn

      Here’s a secret. Most artists smoke, drink, do drugs, etc. ESPECIALLY artists from this generation. Some justify it by saying that it helps their nerves, others say it helps their performance on stage, etc.

    • Mackenzie

      Zayn and Louis are playing jokes they are fake have y’all not seen this? And none of them smoke. At all

      • TJ5SOS

        Zayn still smokes cigarettes idk about Louis

    • Misses Emma Irwin

      Louis does to and hell no they don’t smoke!

      • Michaels Future Wife

        1d has notihing to do with 5sos

    • Rachel_Kneale_5SOS&1D_Forever

      Zayn is trying to quit for the fans, but it’s hard for a smoker to stop.

    • Dr. Fooshi

      They don’t smoke BTW

    • lulu

      It is all right Emma u have ur apinions and the have there’s don’t let them get into ur head ur fine

  • Hanaa

    luke full name is lucas robert hemmings

    • 5Sauce_Yumm

      was that sarcasm? 😉

      • no

      • luke hemmings forever <3

        Ur name was from the photo of luke aswering a interviewer’s question hahaha

  • Lea

    You right..

  • Anonymous

    When it says “the band and Ashton” that makes it sound like he’s not apart of the band..

    • Dusty

      yeah its annoying

    • teagan belle

      ya they should just say the band or the guys

  • natalie

    The band formed in December 2011 not April

    • jazz

      yeah ash joined in december but the “original band” was formed in April

    • higooois

      No, when It was just mike, luke, and Cal at the start…5sos as we know today formed in dec, but they were 5sos before ash.

    • teagan belle

      no it formed april 2011

  • mrs. 5sos

    I call super safety dibs on all of them bam!!!!

  • Amanda

    I care that zayn smokes it can kill you he does have his own personality but it sooo bad for you

    • perrie1d

      i agree

  • makayla

    how do you know that

  • Le Crazy Unicorn

    Luke and Michael used to hate each other.
    Ash ‘almost didnt get in the band’ cause of his purple shirt and he didnt like fifa.
    Ash is the one who is the most sociable.
    Michaels hair is always changing colour.
    Theyre ‘punk rock
    Cake, Cashton, Malum, Mashton, Muke, Lashton, the ship names.

    • Dusty


    • chloe

      why did luke and michael used to hate each other?

      • Heather

        Luke hated Michael because Michael’s fringe was longer than his, but I’m not sure why Michael hated Luke.

        • Sana

          Michael hated Luke because apparently they dated the same girl.

          • Michaels Future Wife

            Noboy hates luke hemmings more than michael clifford, but noone loves luke hemmings more than michael clifford. Dont know where i heard that

        • #vote5sos

          Michael always says that Luke has good looks. Well . . .

        • Dr. Fooshi

          Cuz they LIKED the same girls and Luke though Michael was better than him because of his fringe. I read the official book thing

        • Nikita

          I think Michale hated Luke because they liked the same girl

          • lulu

            Nikita do u go to waiuku primary school????

          • lulu

            P’s. lulu is my nickname

      • Rose

        I SHIP CAKE

      • higioos

        I Heard Luke say once that there was no actual reason.

      • sharmaine

        because they liked the same girl i heard luke say before


      Lol cake…

    • 5SOS

      We are not punk rock we are Pop rock!

  • sparkle789

    my bff got me liking this band and I thank her

  • mrs.horan101 zaynharryniall

    hey guys whoevers gossiping about zayn STOP its not nice at all

  • shreepatel

    Me and Ashton share a birthday <3

  • Jorjor31

    my moms birthday is april 3rd

  • Precious

    Uhh duh 1D started 5sos

    • bananahemmings

      no just no

    • lolol


  • jjkln


  • jjkln

    there so good

    • sierra

      and freaking hot

  • LukasRobertoHelmans

    Mijitos rikos

  • perrie1d

    why do i have this pic

    • lulu

      Do u know them

      • lulu

        Every one is sayn’ that 5 sos r in there 70s they r sooooo wrong

        • 5SOS

          70s? Do we look like our 70s lol Love you guys!!

  • Awkward Shy

    OMG OMG OMG… Michael’s birthday is on November 20th.? Mines on the 17th.? ^_^ Scorpio Power ^_^.!!

  • Kyra


  • Sa

    Ashton is not 6ft

    • Alyssa

      How tall is he then?

  • sammi

    the band originally formed on apr. 3 2011. THAT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! OH MY GOOOOOD

    • Samantha (Mashton):P


    • Please michael :(

      no, i think ashton joined in December?

    • Mike-ro-wave

      it’s originally formed on April 3rd (before Ashton joined) but ‘the’ band was formed on December 3rd (when Ashton joined) which is why it is put as 5SOS birthday cause thats when they all actually united. So don’t get confused about it.

  • Alexis Irwin 5SOS

    i know right this is wrong

  • Kim

    Currently changing my twitter username…

    • Ali


    • Michaels Future Wife


      • lulu

        Apparently they all have girlfriends it sucks because I love luke hemmings

        • silje

          No, I think just Ashton has a girlfriend? I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure Michael and Luke are single. Calum I have no idea.

    • lulu

      Good for u

  • google


  • Miracle


  • turtlemann

    Does any body know what the boys’ favourite colour is??

    • Samantha (Mashton):P

      Luke and Mikey’s are blue I think Ash’s is Red Like me 😀

  • 217868

    r they gay

    • teagan belle

      bo they are not gay

  • 5SOS fan

    So Luke’s full name is Luke Robert Hemmings not Lucas I’m a bit confused right now cause it’s different by every web page

    • lulu

      Wow I know

  • Mrs Jayda Hemmings

    Ash was born in 1994! his b-day is the same as mine. i agree that australia is the best country in the world even though i dont live there. (going to though)

  • Michaels Future Wife

    Changing my twitter name….

  • jenni

    they are all just sooo perfect !!!!!!!!!!


    because you are silly

  • Kelsey

    Ashton is 20 he was born 7th of July 1994

  • hi


  • ash it up

    ash is just so cute! he’s my fav. band member! <3 ash

  • kelsie harp

    i luv 5sos there my role model I wish I could go to there concerts

  • #vote5sos

    ASHTON is half Irish ohkay? He’s not just Aussie and American. He said that.

  • ashtonlover123

    ashton looks so cute

  • ashtonlover123


  • ashtonlover123

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  • hello

    Hi people

  • mackenzie

    happy birthday michael clifford

  • mackenzie

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  • mackenzie


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  • Paige James Irwin

    I love Ashton. And Niall. Omg I love them both so much.

  • Horsegurl45loves5sos

    They thought of names in Science class not math

  • Jasmine

    Luke you are my favorite i love u and I also love u all 5SOS

  • calum thomas hood <3

    tbh i dont like the fact michael always dyes his hair one day his hair with fall out of his head but 5sos is life to me!!!!! and michaels hair back in 2011 and 2012 was just perfect <3

  • ew

    oh my god my birthday is the 3rd of april

  • ew

    i never knew that. PS i like chicken burgers who’s with me?

  • maddison

    I am in love with mayday parade but 5sos is a close second

  • Lukelover74

    I love 5sos

  • Lukelover74

    I acually love Luke and ashton

  • Forest locker 28

    I see a few flaws in these descriptions…

  • Calum Hood…xx

    Ashton Irwin was born on July 7 1994 not 1996 x

  • Rachel

    July 7th 1994. nice try though

  • ……………….Luke…….

    I don’t like pizza so I guess i’m out of the ball game!!! :'( but I do like penguins!! 🙂 and Luke is my fav member of 5sos

  • Tabbi

    Ashton has literally the coolest middle name EVER.

  • MissSierraNicole

    I absolutely love each and every one of them with a passion <3


    they rock too.

  • I love Mallum

    I love Mallum hence the name I also love their accent.And I agree Australia is the best place in the world ever since I went there when I was 2

    • Luke Hemmings

      Helllllllllllllo. Luke Here

  • lilly

    I absolutely love luke and this makes me like him more

  • lilly

    Luke is sooooo hot 🙂

  • lilly

    Who agrees that Luke is hot? 😉

    • lulu

      I dooooo

  • Justice Hardy

    these facts are awesome

  • Gabby

    Ashton wasnt born in 1996, he was born in 1994

  • 5sos lover64

    They are so hot

  • lukelover

    I love u guys



  • ♥iBakaCam♥

    I already love them. XO

  • alexandra

    I cant express how i feel for tgem really♥

  • xx Asthenia xx

    Did anyone notice that the date of birth of Ashton is wrong?
    He was born in 1994…

    • Joie Irwin-Espinosa

      me when I correct someone

  • Lukey Gf

    Can i know luke hemmings used iphone 6 or 6+? And the iphone colour is silver or space grey?

  • ILove5SOS

    I do, aren’t they awesome!

  • ILove5SOS

    OMG!!! I knew a lot about them but now I know more! I love 5SOS!

  • ILove5SOS

    Can’t wait to go to their concert.

  • Sierra

    I went to their concert last night and started crying when they came onto the stage cause I love them so much!!

  • Tammy Hemmings


  • India Mistry

    Me I agree leslye

  • Ereka Brotherson

    omg! I was so wrong for thinkin they were like 1D!! Rock band with crazy mofos is what they are!!! So freakin awesome

  • ella santos


  • best 5sos fan 1

    Best band ever x

  • Miranda Verda

    Lukes favorite movie is mean girls
    Lukes celebrity crush is Shailene Woodley

  • Denise fitzpatrick

    these are wrong. just so ya know people… Michael was the only one that came up with the name 5 seconds of summer in math class not all of them and they STILL brush their teeth together, and so hate to hate but :))

  • Alice Rindestig

    Well… I am pretty sure that Ashton is born in 1994, not 1996… Get your facts right…

  • disqus_iZ2BwNxfw2

    ash also plays the didgeridoo…

  • lizbeth

    Ashton was born on the year 1994, he is recently 21

  • Denise Fitzpattrick

    also (REAL fact) the guys have said to be “not fond of” dont stop one of their popular hit songs

  • Denise Fitzpattrick

    also just so ya know 5sos was born South Sydney and attened North West Christian collage so (:)

  • Denise Fitzpattrick

    AND Cal has a sister: Mali-Koa

  • Ali Celaine Hawes

    Ashton was born in 1994.

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