100 Facts About Ed Sheeran!

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Here’s 100 facts about the amazing red-headed singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran!


1. His full name is Edward Christopher Sheeran.

2. He was born on 17th February 1991.

3. Ed was brought up in the town of Framlingham in Suffolk.

4. Ed’s first music was released in 2005 in the form of an EP named “The Orange Room”.

5. Ed was 13 when recording “The Orange Room” which features four tracks – I Love You, Addicted, Misery and Moody Ballad Of Ed. Listen to ‘I Love You’ below.

6. Ed’s next album was released in 2006 and was named “Ed Sheeran”.

7. It featured tracks such as Open Your Ears, Beyond The Pale and Insomniac’s Lullaby.

8. Ed’s next EP was entitled “Want Some?” and was released in 2007.

9. “Want Some?” had songs such as “I Can’t Spell” and “You Break Me”.

10. In 2008, Ed moved to London to work on starting a music career.

11. He regularly played gigs in small venues and sometimes performed to groups of as little as five people.

12. Ed auditioned for ITV’s musical drama ‘Britannia High’ which featured music written by Gary Barlow.

13. Ed failed to get a part in the show, as did Pixie Lott who had also auditioned.

14. Ed opened a gig in Norwich for two-piece band Nizlopi, who are famous for their number one track ‘The JCB Song’.

15. In 2009, Ed released EP ‘You Need Me’ which featured an earlier version of later single ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’.

16. In 2009 Ed played 312 gigs.


17. Ed once toured with English musician Just Jack.

18. He released four EPs in 2010.

19. The first was “Let It Out EP”.

20. His next EP was “Loose Change” which included his eventual breakthrough song “The A Team”.

21. The next EP to be released was “Songs I Wrote With Amy” which was a collection of tracks Ed had worked on with singer songwriter Amy Wadge.

22. The final EP of 2010 was “Live at the Bedford”.

23. Ed went on tour with Example in 2010.

24. He went to LA in 2010 and performed at several open mic nights.

25. Whilst performing in LA, he was spotted by comedian, actor and musician Jamie Foxx who gave him use of his recording studio.

26. Ed released his final independent EP “No. 5 Collaborations Project” in 2011.

27. The album featured guest artists such as Devlin, Wiley, JME and Wretch 32.

28. Track “Little Lady” was a dark reworking of “The A Team” featuring rapper Mikill Pane. Listen to it below (Explicit):

29.  “No. 5 Collaborations Project” reached number 46 in the UK Albums Chart.

30. After finding some success with the album, Ed put on a free show in Camden. However, over 1000 people turned up, so he put on four shows to make sure everyone got a chance to watch.

31. After this, Ed Sheeran signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

32. In April 2011, Ed performed “The A Team” on TV show “Later… With Jools Holland”.

33. A few weeks later, “The A Team” was released as his debut track, and it hit number three in the UK Singles Chart.

34. In the first week of release it sold 58,000 copies, and went on to become the 8th best selling song of the year.

35. Ed’s next single “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” was released in August 2011, and it charted at number four.

36. In Septemer, debut album ‘+’ was released.

37. In the first week, it sold over 100,000 copies and hit the top of the UK Albums chart.

38. Ed’s next single was ‘Lego House’ which peaked at number five in the UK Singles chart.

39. The video for ‘Lego House’ features Harry Potter star Rupert Grint as an obsessed fan.

40. The next Ed Sheeran single was ‘Drunk’. The music video features singer Nina Nesbitt who toured with him.

41. Drunk peaked at number nine in the UK charts.


42. “Small Bump”, a sad song about a miscarriage, was the next single to be released from ‘+’.

43. The final single from his debut album was ‘Give Me Love’.

44. Ed is currently touring with Taylor Swift on her ‘Red’ tour.

45. Ed and Taylor recorded duet ‘Everything Has Changed’ together, which will be released as Swift’s next single.

46. Ed contributed two songs to One Direction’s second album.

47. He wrote song ‘Little Things’ for them which hit the top of the UK Singles chart.

48. He also gave them song ‘Over Again’.

49. Ed previously co-wrote Moments, from 1D’s first album.

50. Ed was one of several artists to join ‘The Collective’, to cover ‘Teardrops’ originally by ‘Massive Attack’ for Children In Need 2011.

51. In 2012, Ed supported Snow Patrol on their US tour.

52. Also in 2012, Ed performed during the concert for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. He sang “The A Team”.

53. Ed performed a cover of “Wish You Were Here” originally by Pink Floyd during the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

54. In 2012, Ed won two BRIT awards. One for Best Breakthrough Act and one for Best Solo Male Artist.

55. Ed also won the “Best Song Musically and Lyrically” award at the 2012 Ivor Novellos.

56. At the 2013 Grammy Awards, Ed performed a duet of ‘The A Team’ with Elton John.

57.  The song was nominated for song of the year at the same ceremony, but lost out to ‘We Are Young’ by Fun.

58. Ed has a brother called Matthew who is a classical music composer.

59. Ed loves Nando’s and performed the infamous ‘Nando’s Skank’ with Example. View it below:

60. Ed received his first guitar as a gift from his uncle.

61. Ed says his guitars are male. He also names them. He told The Sun: “I’ve got James the second, I’ve got Trevor, I’ve got Keith, I’ve got Lloyd, I’ve got Nigel, Cyril and Felix. It started off with really awkward names like Lloyd, but now I name them after my team. My lighting guy was called James and the guitar James broke so now I’ve got James the second, my guitar check is called Trevor.”

62. Ed lists some of his musical influences as The Beatles and Van Morisson.

63. His biggest influence is ‘Cannonball’ singer Damien Rice.

63. Ed was accepted into the national Youth Music Theatre at the age of 15.

64. He has a ginger cat called Bellini.

65. His parents are Irish and English.

66. He covers Irish/Scottish folk song ‘The Parting Glass’ as a hidden bonus track at the end of ‘+’.

67. Ed’s favourite colour is blue.

68. Ed says his favourite song to perform is ‘Give Me Love’.

69. Ed’s mother makes jewellery which is sold via Ed’s website.

70. Amongst the merchandise Ed sells, an orange vinyl version of ‘+’ is available on his website.

71. Ed is currently working on his second album. He said it will sound more hip-hop than the previous!

72.  Ed Sheeran’s second cousin is 70 year old broadcaster Gordon Burns.

73. His father is is an art curator and lecturer.

74. Ed’s wears size 10 shoes.

75. Amongst Sheeran’s tattoos are a ketchup bottle and a cup of tea.

76.  He shares the same birthday as Paris Hilton.

77. His official website is EdSheeran.com

78. @edsheeran is his twitter account. At the time of writing he has 6,371,069 followers.

79. He has sent 26,769 tweets and follows 505 people.

80. The music video for ‘The A Team’ cost only £20 to make. It features a small cameo from Ed himself. Watch the video below:

81. At the time of writing, he has 1,339,319 subscribers on YouTube.

82. Ed featured on Wretch 32 single ‘Hush Little Baby’.

83. He also featured on Devlin track ‘Watchtower’ which reached number seven in the UK Charts.

84. When he was younger, Ed wanted to be a train driver.

85. As well as getting to number one in the UK Albums chart, ‘+’ also reached the top spot in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

86. ‘+’ got to number 5 in the US Billboard 200 and the Canadian Albums Chart.

87. The album is certified 5x platinum in the UK after selling more than 1.5 million copies.

88. ‘+’ was the ninth best selling album of 2011 and the third best selling in 2012 in the UK.

89. He has 2,717,334 likes on Facebook at the time of writing.

90. In live shows, he often uses a loop pedal.

91. Ed performed song ‘Give Me Love’ on the X Factor UK in 2012.

92. Ed is good friends with One Direction.

93. Ed won the 2011 Q Award for ‘Breakthrough Artist’.

94. His song ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ won the 2011 Q Award for ‘Best Single.

95. The music video for ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ features a sign language actor who signs the lyrics throughout the song.

96. A lego version of the ‘Lego House’ video was released in April 2013.

97. Ed’s manager is Stuart Camp.

98. Ed’s website lists him as a supporter of two charities – Crisis and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

99. Ed’s second album will probably be released around February 2014.

100. Ed Sheeran is awesome!

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