CONCERT REVIEW: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas at Hollywood’s Avalon

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CONCERT REVIEW: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas at Hollywood’s Avalon
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“Okaaaaaaay!” roared Demi Lovato, into the mic at Hollywood’s Avalon venue. “Who’s ready for the fu**ing VMAs this weekend?” 

The roar back was almost as deafening as the roar Demi heard later when hot heartthrob Nick Jonas joined her onstage. The pair of popstars were performing a warm-up show in anticipation of Sunday night’s big Video Music Awards show, where both singers were announced as performers.

Demi’s nearly one-hour set at the Avalon in Los Angeles had been put on by Time Warner Cable and Lifebeat, and was just one stop on the pre-VMA show festivities for the weekend.

Nick came out first, teasing the female fans at the packed Avalon club show. He opened his part of the performance with new tracks from his solo LP, peppering the show with some well-selected cover songs as he strolled across the stage in dark glasses and whit eleather.

Nick Jonas performing in 2011

“Chains” was the tune Nick chose as his opener, then swung straight for the fences with “Numb” followed by the next single from his album, “Levels.”

“You guys are actually the first audience I’ve played that song for!” Nick announced, laughing at its sweat-drenched conclusion. “So you should feel very special!”

The covers Jonas chose included “Poison” by Bell Biv DeVoe and “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd.

“Now listen,” he told the girls in the front rows mid-show, “I see a few of you have drinks in your hands and are having a real good time. So if you want to move and act like you’re at a concert, please do so, by all means!”

Everybody in the Avalon laughed. Then Jonas ripped right into the final number in his set, “Jealous”:

After the hysteria of Nick’s set died down, Demi Lovato hit the stage. She started off the night with “Really Don’t Care” and belted out 10 more tunes for her adoring fanbase.

One of the highlights of Demi’s performance was her cover of the Aretha Franklin classic “Ain’t No Way,” which she explained later she had chosen at the very last night. Well last-minute replace or not, Demi totally NAILED it and SLAYED the whole crowd, pulling out an amazing live version that gave many in the audience the chills.

Demi Lovato performing on Good Morning America in 2012

She then spun into a thrilling and ferocious performance of her latest single “Cool For The Summer,” which is off of her upcoming album “Confident.”

Demi confessed that she was trying out some new material from the upcoming album for fans at the Avalon. “There’s songs on my album that are more soulful,” she said. “I feel like this is the first time I’ve been able to showcase my voice on an album.”

Other tunes Demi performed included chartbusting hits like “Heart Attack” and “Skyscraper.” She included also included her stunning version of “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen.

For her encore, Demi brought down the house with “Neon Lights.”

Here is Demi Lovato’s full set-list at the Hollywood Avalon on VMA weekend:












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