LITTLE MIXERS: 50 Facts You NEED To Know About Perrie, Jade, Jesy And Leigh-Anne!

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Do you LOVE Little Mix?

Little Mix

Think you’re the biggest Mixer ever, and know absolutely everything you need to know about the girls?

Well, we’re putting that to the test as we have 50 facts here for you that you may or may not know about Little Mix.

And these are not just any old boring facts – but some of the weirdest and most wonderful things we could find out about the girls!

Do you know their addictions? And their most annoying habits ever?

Well, read this and you will find out…

  • They were originally known as Rhythmix, but had to change their name due to complications with a children’s charity with the same name.
  • Little Mix were the first girl group to win The X Factor UK in the history of the show.
  • Their winning single was a cover of Damien Rice’s “Cannon Ball”.
  • The group signed with Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco Records after winning the show.
  • They will be supporting Demi Lovato on her ‘Neon Lights’ US tour in 2014.
  • Jade and Perrie both grew up in South Shields.
  • Jade loves Motown music.
  • Perrie calls her style ‘hippy-boho’.
  • Jade’s nickname used to be Pickle because she was “so cute you could keep her in a pickle jar”.
  • Jesy says she has a phobia of sandwiches.

Little Mix - Change your life official video

  • Perrie says that she eats 9 packets of crisps a day – but she still looks amazing!
  • Leigh-Ann has a phobia of flies, and just anything that flies in general.
  • If Perrie wasn’t in Little Mix, she confessed that she’d be at home watching the Disney Channel.
  • Jade used to be a model.
  • Perrie likes to wear the bracelets that fans make and send to her.
  • Jade competed on The X Factor during season 5 and 7, before auditioning again for season 8 and winning with Little Mix.
  • ‘Change Your Life’ was one of the first songs the girls wrote together.
  • Jesy once said that her favourite One Direction members are Zayn and Niall.
  • If they could sing with any male singer, Perrie would sing with Steve Perry, Leigh-Anne with Usher, Jade with Stevie Wonder and Jesy’s would be Plan B.
  • If Jesy could be any flavour muffin, she would be white chocolate chip mixed with chocolate chip.
  • Jade says she has an actual addiction to biscuits! And she LOVES chocolate!

Little Mix In New York

  • Jade is a patron for the charity Cancer Connections.
  • Jade was awarded with the Head Girl role in school.
  • Jesy said she loves Jade because she’s cute and innocent on the outside, but feisty on the inside and says stuff you wouldn’t expect her to.
  • Perrie once ate a dog biscuit when she was little, and people think that she still eats them!
  • Jade confessed to a weird addiction – boxes. If she has something, she has to put it in a box!
  • While on The X Factor, Jade had to go to see a hypnotherapist to cure her nerves.
  • Perrie’s favourite ever One Direction song is ‘Little Things’.
  • Leigh-Anne’s fave movies are Titanic, White Chick and anything else starring Jim Carey.
  • The girls say that Leigh-Anne’s most annoying habit is when she makes weird noises whilst itching her throat.
  • Apparently Perrie’s most annoying habit is that she always shakes her leg when sitting cross-legged.


    • Leigh-Annes favourite food is nachos, and favourite film is Titanic.
    • Jesy takes the longest to get ready out of all the girls, and they find it annoying.
    • Jesy suffered from Alopecia when she was 13, brought on by stress from being bullied in school.
    • Jade likes to live by the ‘3 B’s’: biscuits, bows and braces.
    • If they had Spice Girls-esque names, Perrie said they would be: Jade – Cutie Mix, Leigh-Anne – Feisty Fiery Mix, Perrie – Boho Mix and Jesy – Swagger Mix.
    • The girls don’t have individual Twitter accounts, they always post from their official Little Mix account.
    • Leigh-Anne says that she prefers McDonald’s to KFC.
    • Jesy’s nickname is Jesminda, and her real name is Jessica.
    • Perrie and Jesy, and Jade and Leigh-Anne were both originally put in different girl groups on The X Factor, but did not make it through.
    • Their debut album, ‘DNA’, peaked at number three on the UK Albums Chart, and number four on the US Billboard 200.


  • ‘DNA’ is certified Gold in both Australia and Ireland, and Platinum in the UK.
  • Their second album, ‘Salute’, peaked at number four on the UK Albums Chart, and is certified Gold.
  • The lead single from their second album, ‘Move’ peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart, and is certified Gold.
  • The girls played 20 shows in the UK, and 2 shows in Ireland on their ‘DNA’ tour 2013.
  • They will kick off their ‘Salute’ tour on 16th May 2014, playing 17 shows in Europe.
  • Little Mix signed a deal with Schwarzkopf in 2013, in which they promoted their hair dye Live Colour XXL in their music video for “How Ya Doin?” with Missy Elliot.
  • The girls launched their own makeup range with Collection in 2013.
  • They apparently signed a deal with Vivid and Bravado in 2012 to release their own range of dolls, puzzles, accessories and games.
  • The first time they performed their debut single ‘Wings’ was on T4 On The Beach on 1st July, 2012.

So, how many of those facts did you already know?!

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